Modular Virtual Environment: device with visual immersion stereoscopic capture the position of the user.

Characteristics : Cube 3m side, with 4 faces immersive, passive stereoscopic visualization on Infitec projectors Projection Design F30SX + 4 infrared cameras tracking ArtTrack2.
Two rendering servers: a calculator with 2x Nvidia QuadroPlex D7000 and a computer with 3x AMD FirePro V9800.
The spatial audio with a 2.1 kit..

Software environment : PeTRiV

Projects using equipment : Gunzo, Callisto, Si2M, MAAMI, Vari3, Thèse A.MIRZAEI

Supplier / manufacturer : Fabrication en collaboration avec PSA et Barco, puis évolution par Immersion.

Equipment used for the : 2001-09-01

Key words : visual immersion, advanced visualization, cellar, stereoscopy, tracking, virtual reality

The Sainte Chapelle in Dijon
La Sainte Chapelle de Dijon, Musée des Beaux Arts 2014
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Theses offers
statrting in october 2014
Institut Image is seeking candidates for two PhD research.
They will start both in October 2014.... read more