Jean-Rémy Chardonnet
Chardonnet Jean-Rémy, Maître de Conférences
Research professor, specialist in Virtual Reality, in humanoid robotics, haptics
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jean-remy.chardonnet@ensam.eu - phone : 03 85 90 98 73
Christophe Guillet
Guillet Christophe, Maître de Conférences (University of Burgundy)
Teacher-researcher, his research focuses on the development of methods of analysis of complex high-dimensional data from the digital model. He is currently working on a topological approach to metrology movement to optimize the reconstruction of avatar in a virtual environment and application to aid in the diagnosis and prevention of sensorimotor impairments (in partnership with INSERM U1093 "Perception, Action and sensorimotor Plasticity" at the University of Burgundy).
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christophe.guillet@ensam.eu - phone : 03 85 90 98 72
Andras Kemeny
Kemeny Andras, Professeur associé
Director of Virtual Immersive Laboratory, joint research laboratory between Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Renault.
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Ruding Lou
Lou Ruding, Maître de Conférences
Research professor, specialist in 3D data processing and CAD.
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ruding.lou@ensam.eu - phone : 03 85 90 98 64
Frédéric Merienne
Merienne Frédéric, Professeur des Universités
Scientific Director of Institut Image, specialist Professor in Virtual Reality.
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frederic.merienne@ensam.eu - phone : 03 85 90 98 63
Damien Paillot
Paillot Damien, Maître de Conférences
Research professor, research and development of methods and tools related to the applications of virtual reality
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damien.paillot@ensam.eu - phone : 03 85 90 98 72
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