Master Recherche Maquette Numérique et Visualisation 3D

Become a specialist of methods and tools for the whole digital process for the product lifecycle.
Master the design of 3D interfaces and multi-sensory interaction for virtual immersion.

Institut Image – Arts et Métiers ParisTech of Chalon sur Saône (Burgundy, France) proposes you to acquire the theoretical and practical basis of different skills related to numerical design:

  • Project director in digital product and virtual reality
  • Research engineer in the R&D department in the private sector
  • PhD candidate in the domain of virtual reality
  • Engineering director of collaborative virtual immersion platform in a large industrial group


1st semester at Institut Image: 150 hours of courses (taught mainly in French)
enterprise ma nagement and comm unication skills in English
scientific communication in English, valuation, technology transfer, enterprise management and strategy, lean management
data analysis and fundam entals of modeling and simulation
data analysis, object oriented programming, fundamentals of modeling and simulation
digital mockup and interactive visualization
3D processing: from mesh to structural analysis, surface modeling, assembly management, collaborative work, digital mockup concept and tools, interactive systems (human-robot interaction, ambient intelligence), scientific visualization
artificial vision and man-machine interaction
computer vision, artificial intelligence, man-machine interfaces, virtual reality applications, ergonomics, learning and human performance, perception-action coupling cognition, motion perception and driving simulation
research methodology
State of the art, bibliography research, expression of a scientific and technological issue

2nd semester – research: 5 months
research project
research and development work

The Sainte Chapelle in Dijon
La Sainte Chapelle de Dijon, Musée des Beaux Arts 2014
May 16 to October 13, 2014
At the Beaux-Arts Museum of Dijon a real-time 3D application allows you... read more

Theses offers
statrting in october 2014
Institut Image is seeking candidates for two PhD research.
They will start both in October 2014.... read more