Technology platform ViZiR is labeled by Arts et Métiers ParisTech network as a platform for real and virtual prototyping to support innovation, design and industrialization. Institut Image is responsible for the coordination of the platform that brings together seven laboratories ( UMR 3 , 3 and 1 EA ERDT ) of 8 sites. Institut Image helps ViZiR for interaction with the digital model using virtual reality technologies .

At Institut Image , the ViZiR platform takes the form of a set of human and material resources to support research, training and recovery. Vizier and is a node of convergence for these three missions. The aim of the Institute is to strengthen the image of vizier operation by
  • Development of a software tool for virtual immersion
  • Technical team of engineers
  • Engineer in charge of development
Technological barriers addressed by the Vizier platform are:
  • Multi -modality in virtual reality
  • high performance interactive visualization
  • software tool

Institut Image has spread three companies created by some of its engineers :

Virtual reality technology to the cultural field. Augmented reality technology (terminals Ray- On).
Date spin : 2006
Number of employees: 10
Spatial sound technologies for virtual immersion.
Date spin : 2007
Number of employees: 3
Technologies for mobile augmented reality heritage .
Date spin : 2013
Number of employees: 2

Creation of international conferences

conférence winVR
Institut Image created an international conference in 2009: WinVRconference, backed by the ASME and the first edition was held in Chalon-sur-Saône, the second edition Ames (USA) in 2010 and the third Milan (Italy) in 2011.
Last conference: 2011
conférence DSC
Institut Image co-organizes with Renault and IFSTTAR DSC international conference (Driving Simulation Conference) which takes place at Arts et Métiers ParisTech center of Paris every two years.
Last conference: 2012
Journée de Géométrie Algorithmique
Days Geometry together (almost) every year the French community of researchers in computational geometry. They last 5 days in general.
Last conference: 2012

Joint laboratory with industry

Institut Image created with the Renault joint laboratory LIV (Laboratory Virtual immersion) Arts et Métiers ParisTech - Renault in October 2011. This joint laboratory amplifies the collaborative research projects conducted with technocentre Renault on the themes of driving simulation and interaction with the digital model.

The Sainte Chapelle in Dijon
La Sainte Chapelle de Dijon, Musée des Beaux Arts 2014
May 16 to October 13, 2014
At the Beaux-Arts Museum of Dijon a real-time 3D application allows you... read more

Theses offers
statrting in october 2014
Institut Image is seeking candidates for two PhD research.
They will start both in October 2014.... read more